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Healing doesn't mean erasing the pain...
              It means it no longer controls your life

You have been surviving....
               Now grow the potential to THRIVE

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Guiding You to Unlock Your Potential to Thrive

My whole career revolves around what Bonnie Badenoch calls, "I see you and I'm here".  Through connecting with others, I support and guide them to unlocking their potential to thrive.  I strongly believe that every person has the innate ability to heal and thrive when they can connect with themselves on an intuitive, cognitive, and somatic level.  This involves connections between the body, the brain, and thoughts or perceptions. 

My job is to work myself out of a job.  I’m constantly learning new ways to deepen the therapeutic process to help clients shift the deepest root of their problems so that they can be empowered and overcome their challenges and embody empowerment as quickly and deeply as possible.  When we integrate our mind and body we can tap into our intuition and the rest flows from there.


Services I Offer

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If your child is between 2 and 12 years old:

Play Therapy

The language of hope. Play Therapy is to children what counseling or psychotherapy is to adults. Children are unable to understand and talk about their feelings like adults do. For children, play is their language. Using the language of play in a safe environment, children will:

  • Experiment with what they are feeling and learn how to cope with difficult emotions

  • Change the way they think and feel as they are able to make meaning out of what they are going through

  • Discover lasting resolutions that can be practiced, mastered, and adapted into lifelong strategies that build resilience beyond the playroom.

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If your child is 12-18:

Individual Therapy

I use many experiential activities as well as talk therapy as a different way of getting to the root of challenges and rewiring the brain for resilience and lasting change. Although Synergetic Play Therapy is called a model of play therapy, it is actually a way of being in relationship with self and other. It is an all-encompassing paradigm and can be applied to any facet of life and subsequently any current model of therapy or “ology” can also be applied to it. This means we don’t have to play to apply this model of therapy (although many teens love my sand tray while we talk). By exploring how the brain is wired and learning about self regulation and the nervous system in an engaging way teens:

  • Become aware of the roots of what they are feeling and learn how to cope with difficult emotions

  • Understand how their feelings affect them as they make meaning out of what they are going through

  • Discover lasting resolutions that can be practiced, mastered, and adapted into lifelong strategies that build resilience beyond the therapeutic setting.


Everyone receives a whole person approach:

Case management and Consultation

Being a former licensed school counselor, I believe strongly in not only focusing on the client as the identified patient but on the system that the client lives within (family, school, coaches, teachers, doctors, and other service providers) and believe case-management/consultation is central to creating a high impact with lasting change for some. I have worked hard to build relationships with pediatricians, psychiatrists, school counselors, Routt County Human Services, and other service providers to increase collaboration. I enjoy collaborating with schools on Behavior Support Plans, IEP’s, and ALP’s as well as working with Occupational Therapists, Doctors, and other professionals to surround your family and child with a team of support.

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If you are a parent or guardian:

Parent Sessions

An important aspect to the therapeutic process with your child (regardless of his/her age) is parent and family support. Going beyond parenting advice...It’s not about what is right or wrong but about what works best. Working together we build a strengths based collaborative relationship. You will gain insights into yourself, identify your strengths, learn and practice new skills to promote relationships and respond to challenging behaviors your child may be exhibiting. Through parenting support and collaboration you will:

  • Increase your understanding of what your child is experiencing and learn how to respond to and support your child as he/she copes with difficult emotions:

  • Understand how your child’s feelings affect him/her as he/she makes meaning out of what he/she is going through

  • Discover lasting resolutions that can be practiced, mastered, and adapted into lifelong strategies that build resilience beyond the therapeutic setting by learning a common language that you and your child can use

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If you are a family:

Family Therapy

Family relationships can be challenging.  In some circumstances bringing an entire family or parts of a family together for counseling can be hugely beneficial.  In family therapy we work to:

  • Understand how each member's unique nervous system is affected by others

  • Understand and normalize different personality types with their own unique needs and perceptions

  • Discover a common language to increase communication and understanding creating new interactions that can be practiced, mastered, and adapted into lifelong strategies that build relationship and connection 

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If you have been overwhelmed by an event, situation, or a series of them:


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic tool that fast tracks healing emotions and thoughts that get trapped from traumatic or overwhelmingly stressful situations.  When something happens that overwhelms your brain's capacity to make sense of it, parts of that event or situation don't get processed or released.  It creates an affect like a puzzle that hasn't been put together and different pieces can trigger disturbing emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or body sensations.  EMDR helps your mind put the puzzle pieces together so it can see the whole picture, release what needs to be released, make sense of the entire situation, and move on from it.  Essentially it neutralizes the event or situation so it no longer controls your life.  You move from negative thought patterns to positive ones and move from survival mode to truly thriving.

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Teens, Adults, and Therapists may also benefit from IBSR:

Integrated Based Stress Removal 

Integration Based Stress Removal (IBSR) is a unique therapy technique that gets to the deepest root of stress and trauma. Research continues to support the fact that toxic stress and trauma are stored in your body and your “survival” center of your brain. IBSR’s unique approach targets the stress response system and allows your whole body to release the stress and reset to a regulated state. IBSR also increases your brain and body’s tolerance for a wider range of emotions and arousal states and you may find you can handle more stress and emotions than you previously could. IBSR alone is not a good fit for everyone and we will decide if and when it may be a good fit for you. IBSR sessions typically last from two to three hours. There is a follow up phone call the next day and then a post IBSR session to answer questions and further explain the process. You leave with your own tools to discharge stress on a daily basis so it doesn’t build up again.

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If you would like to connect with others:

Support Groups and Training

When we come up against challenges in life it is very common to feel that we are the only ones experiencing difficulties.  While each family and person is unique, I often find myself repeating the same things to multiple families or parents with similar concerns.  There is a huge benefit to offering group counseling and support groups.  Based on interest and scheduling I offer parent support groups throughout the year (such as a support group for parents who have adopted children).  By participating in a support group you will: 

  • Connect with others that understand you and experience the fact that you are not alone (sometimes just hearing that someone else struggles too can create a sense of relief).

  • Learn about the nervous system, attachment, and common struggles for your group focus.

  • Practice skills that you can take home to support you and your family.

  • Meet new friends that you can connect with.  One of my best friends reminded me that we don't always need therapy, sometimes we just need a good friend to talk to.


For Therapists:

Individual and Group Supervision/Consultation

My passion is helping others unlock their potential to thrive. Being able to supervise or offer consultation for others is exponentially rewarding as I not only help professionals themselves but it's transferred down to the people and children they also work with. I am a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor through the Association of Play Therapy as well as a Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor and an EMDR Consultant in Training. I supervise interns and new therapists all the way up to supervising and offering consultation for seasoned therapists.  I often describe my supervision/consultation style as reflective supervision with a wholistic trauma informed foundation of Synergetic Play Therapy through a lens of the Adaptive Information Processing model of EMDR.  Supervision and Consultation not only helps guide and give different perspectives on cases, teaches new skills or reinforces using skills, but also increases self-care, resiliency, and regulation for therapists and interns.

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For Service Providers in the Helping Professions:

Consultation, Teaching, and Reflective Supervision

Anyone in any helping profession (Nurses, Coaches, Teachers, Childcare providers, Caseworkers, Police officers) are affected by those they work with.  I highly value work our community partners do and offer training, consultation, and reflective supervision groups to support those that are on the front lines of helping others:

  • Learn about the nervous system and how it affects you as well as those you work with

  • Learn practical skills to regulate your own nervous system

  • Learn how to connect with others and understand their responses and perceptions of the world through learning about personality types, and nervous system responses

  • Connect with others that know what you are going through to foster a deeper sense of community and we are all in it together

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